With Cantrell Maryott in Chartres, France.  Two very tired friends after a wonderful experience!

Tonight I wish every one of you all good things for the coming year.  And I am going to begin by sharing a good thing with all of you.

I had planned to write tonight about days gone by and hope for the future.  Then I read my friend Cantrell’s blog and I immediately knew that it was Cantrell’s blog I wanted to share with you.

Cantrell’s friendship has come late in this lifetime, yet I know that we have been deeply connected other times and other places.  She is someone I treasure.  There is no pretense in Cantrell.  She is fully who she is without apology.  Her beautiful spirit shines through her eyes and her smile, and when she sings…she weaves magic.  So here she is.  Thank you, Cantrell, for allowing me to share your thoughts as we begin the year.  And thank you for your friendship.

January 1, 2014

Some years ago I thought it would be prudent to stop asking WHY. The idea to focus on how.

How can I contribute in the best way possible to myself and all that is around me?

How shall I move forward in a world so full of attitudes and behavior I don’t understand?


Call in like-minded humans.

Get rid of the TV

Stop participating in corporate consumption as much as possible.

Don’t be led by the status quo.

Create my own fashion.

Support local business as much as possible.

Downsize, reuse, rebuild, fix it don’t toss it.

Find places to sing from my heart.



In the past few days I have been again beset by questions.

What is it about humans and anniversaries?

Why can we not gift and honor each other every day?

When will people understand that consumer capitalism is destroying the very fabric of humanity?

Let alone this planet. This one safe place where we live.

What is this fascination with stars and royalty?

How is it we are OK with the gross amount of money they make from the industry supported by people who can’t pay their bills?


This year my hope for us is that we find again our spark of imagination.

That we remember to take time to connect and tell our friends how much they mean to us.

Every day, any moment, all the time.


Peace out



  1. How soothing to read Cantrell’s message, especially now when I’m ready to count my ZZZs! I’ve already said my prayers and gave thanks for the many Cantrells in my life.


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