I’m Still Here

Adrianne Miller LCSW, LISW CP

“Why don’t you write any more?”

“Where have you been?”

“Will you write on your blog any more?”

The pandemic, along with the winds of dissension and hatred, natural disasters, and grief, drew me to focus exclusively on my other passion: psychotherapy. It challenged me to make some profound changes to my own life.

At the beginning of the Pandemic times, many of us volunteered to open our counseling practices exclusively to healthcare workers who were traumatized by witnessing serious illnesses and deaths in numbers and ways they never had before. They were fighting a virus that left no doubt about its power, and a fear filled, ill informed population that sometimes chose to listen to preposterous advice from ignorant politicians and only made their jobs more precarious. Long hours, no rest, quick life and death decisions, fear for their own safety, exhaustion, unpredictability, took their toll.

For those of us who were working with these dedicated healers, mostly on line, a new experience for many of us therapists and clients, the known voices of our profession came together to offer us much needed support, as we navigated new and troubled waters. I am so grateful to them! With their help, we had the necessary tools to be fully present to those who counted on us. Those months were at once the most challenging and exhausting, and the most beautiful and sacred of all my years in practice. I am in awe of those courageous and dedicated medical personnel that somehow managed (and manage) to help us heal despite the risks involved to their physical and mental health.

That is where I have been.

Where I was needed.

Assisting the journey to healing.

I still love to write.

I will be back. Soon.

If you are still trying to heal from these difficult pandemic times, please seek the help you need. If you go to Psychology Today and look up your location, it will list therapists in your area. If you know a therapist you would like to see, just input their name in the Psychology Today website. We have been through much. It’s okay to reach out.


  1. Me encanta la foto y el mensaje. 

    Que ánimo. Cuando veo como te gusta escribir. Estas en tu ambiente. Cingratulations. 


    div>When you look back everything th


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