I am one of those fortunate writers who belongs to a writer’s group.  Every two weeks I meet with a cast of remarkable brilliant women who share my passion for words.  When I joined the group, it had been in existence for a few years and a couple of the original members had moved too far away to continue to attend.  Still, I heard their names often, and they remained present in their absence.  Sharon Mehdi was one of those women,  and she had just published a book.  I was thrilled when I heard she was going to visit us at our next meeting.

This is what I knew about Sharon then: she was bright, funny, talented, and a good friend.   Her new book,  The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering: A Story For Anyone Who Thinks She Can’t Save The World, was selling quite well.   She had written the book for her unborn granddaughter. 

The story begins like this:

On a buffety, blustery early summer day, when the news was bad and the sky turned yellow, a strange thing happened in the town where I live.  


I love an irresistible beginning.   She is a storyteller extraordinaire.  Her book was published in several countries and is well loved.

Our writing group meets in the “upper room” of a coffee house in a small town in Oregon every second and fourth Saturday come rain, snow, extreme cold, severe heat wave, come anything!  And it was in the “upper room” that I first met Sharon when she came to visit us one day.  She graced us with her open smile and dancing eyes, prepared to share with us some magical new writing.  I felt an immediate connection with her and so enjoyed her reading in our group that day, that despite the years that passed I can almost quote those passages by heart. 

I have gotten to know Sharon since then.  She led a group  to a gathering in Chartres Cathedral in France this fall.  I joined them.  The experience changed my life.  Recently, she surprised us with the news that her new book was to be published.  It is the book that contains the passages I never forgot! 

So today I decided to postpone Part II of I Saw Grief- I will post it later this week- to bring you the news of this book I know you will love.  Her book is called A Curious Quest for Absolute Truth. Here is just a taste from her INTRODUCTION:

“I don’t know exactly how old I was the first time I set off to see the world.  ‘Two years, ten months and still in diapers,’ my mother said every time she told the story.  All I know for sure is that one summer nap time I crawled out of my crib, put my favorite doll and a box of Morton’s Iodized Salt in a pink cardboard suitcase and toddled off down Olive Street.”

Sharon will have some advance copies available on or about December 18th.  If you order right away there is a CHANCE you may get it in time for Christmas.  The price is $15.00 plus the cost of shipping from Ashland, Oregon to your address.  If you are interested in a copy email me and I will tell you what you need to do.  The book will be available on at the end of January.  Don’t miss it!

To the women with whom I share the “upper room”, thank you for all you do and all you are!


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